Spacing Out: Unlearning What I’ve Poorly Learned?

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9 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    Quit squeezing and jerking your sticks!

  2. Nack says:

    Back in the 8 bit days, there was an oddball mercury switch joystick. I know it worked on the C64, presumably it worked on other machines as well; I think many of the machines of that era took the 9 pin trapezoidal connector sticks.

    At any rate, there were two things about this stick. One is that it was mercury switches; it was a free-floating stick you held in the air, and if you tipped it, the mercury inside would flow and close the switch for that direction.

    The nastier thing was it had a stress sensor in it. Squeeze it too tight, and it would shut itself off until you slacked up on it.

  3. PavlosG says:

    What remains is for you to recite some haiku while you blast your foes to smithereens blind-folded.

    Pilot Skill +15, level +1. New capability unlocked. ‘Serene flyer’ medal awarded.

    I want to see if all those happen in real life. Keep us in the loop :)

  4. Kabbers says:

    Great entry, thank you Brian

    And – heck – come to think of it, I wonder if I am squozing the mouse like a badass and thunderfracking my arrow keys with equal torniquet most of the time. Holy crap, I bet I am.

    Total game playing audit triggered…gently,
    x Kabbers

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the comments Kabbers, and thanks for the kind words! Yeah, sometimes an audit is a good thing. Let us know what you find out about your mouse hand! ;)

  5. aszurom says:

    You know what’ll cure you for sure? Realistic helicopter sims. DCS Huey is an immediate punisher of those who can’t finesse the stick. Black Shark is more kind. Think of it like this… you’re sitting on a big beach ball with a stick coming out the top, and you’re trying to balance so it doesn’t tip you off. It takes constant tiny corrections in pressure on the stick, and if you do anything un-subtle, your ass is dumped.

    That being said, DCS A-10C will also force you to do the right thing, because while you can bank-n-yank the stick, you’ll never hit anything. Learning 30mm gunnery in the A-10 requires a real steady hand and the ability to make very fine adjustments. Another reason you should be flying with me.

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