Let’s Play Distant Star: Revenant Fleet – Entry 3 – The Changing Tide of War

Eat My Death Rockets!
Eat My Death Rockets!

Welcome back to Distant Star my friends! In this installment, I crawl my way through a new sector, meeting resistance along the way while scrounging for supplies. You use a unit of supply each jump, and if you run out, bad stuff happens, so that was my top priority. Interestingly enough, there weren’t as many enemy ships to run into this time out, which made my job a bit easier, but not too much, as I still have to covet and protect each individual ship as I went. I just wish this game had a “move in this direction but randomly” so I didn’t have to micromanage their movement, but beyond that I’m still having a great time despite the anxiety because OMG CAN’T LOSE ANY SHIPS. ;) Thanks for watching folks!

Author: Brian Rubin

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