Centauri Sector – Strategic Tension with Tactical Awesomeness

Pie-Rats go Boom!
Pie-Rats go Boom!

Centauri Sector is a strategic and tactical top-down fleet-based combat game with RPG elements in which — in this early version anyway — you protect a solar system from an increasingly brazen pirate horde. The game has a strategic/RPG mode in which you use prestige gained in combat to upgrade your fleet, gain skills as you gain in rank and so on, along with a tactical combat mode wherein much of the magic happens. ;) It’s a fun game, so check out the video, and thank you for watching!

PS: I’m not sure what happened, but during my recording of this, OBS split it into three parts. I used Windows Movie Maker to stitch the parts together, but I apologize if that’s lead to any jarringness. :) Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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