Star Crusader – So. Much. Exposition. – Let’s Play Entry 1

This is Totally a Cutscene.
This is Totally a Cutscene.

Hello my friends, and welcome to 1994’s Star Crusader, by Gametek! This first person space flight sim came out at a poor time, as it competed basically with TIE Fighter and Wing Commander 3. It has quite a lot going for it too, from a detailed universe to tons of varied missions to moral choices and much more. I hope to take you through quite a bit of the game in the next two weeks so you can see for yourself. In this first entry, I force you to watch ALL OF THE OPENING CUTSCENES WITH ME. Seriously, if I have to watch ’em, so do you. ;) I then take us on our first mission in the Rift, to destroy some freighters. Let’s see where we go next!

Author: Brian Rubin

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