Let’s Play Polaris Sector – Entry 3 – Freaking Pirates

Hello New Friends
Hello New Friends

Hello my friends, and welcome back to Polaris Sector! In this entry, I come to realize that my previous game is going nowhere fast, so I decide to start a new one, and things are going dandily until pirates start getting all up in my business. The problem I have with pirates is that not only do they seem woefully overpowered for a new empire such as myself, but they seem to come out of nowhere. I had one colony in a system with only one way in and out, and there were no pirates there. In going through a couple of other systems to get to this colony, I ran into no pirates. Suddenly, one system away from said colony, where nothing had been before, pirates began appearing. Now that would be fine if they built a base that I could see and attack, but nope, just magically appearing pirates out of the ether. THAT annoyed me and pulled me out of the game, so in the NEXT game, I’m starting again WITHOUT pirates, which will hopefully be a lot more fun.

Author: Brian Rubin

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