My Lifestyle is “Quarantine” – Weekly Gaming Discussion for 3/22/20
I Should Stream This One…

This Week’s Gaming Thoughts

Hey friends, how are you? Well…a lot sure has changed since last week. While I’ve been pretty much a shut-in since losing my job last July, having the state (we’re in California) basically TELL us to be shut-ins is an altogether weirder experience. The order went in place Thursday night, and the difference between Thursday and Friday was palpable.

It’s weird what a rock gaming and streaming have been for me. They not only make me super happy, but give me focus and structure. I’ll likely find more ways to stream and record videos as this goes on.

What I’ve Been Playing This Past Week

  • Bloody Rally Show – This was pretty much 95% of my gaming time. The developer released a new patch with more adaptive AI, so I’m testing it in both a hard and hardcore campaign, and so far it’s AMAZING. It also had a price drop. Hint hint. ;)
  • The Crew 2 – This was finally cheap enough for me to bite on it. It’s fun so far, but I kept going back to BRS. ;)
  • Flight Simulator X – I did some training last week, but much more needs to be done.

What I’m Planning on Playing This Coming Week

  • Bloody Rally Show – Duh.
  • Flight Simulator X – Yup. ;)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr – Keep hoping to fit this one in but BRS has its claws in me sooooo deep.

Gaming Question of the Week

How are you doing?

Not really a gaming question, just a general one. How are y’all holding up out there?

Top Clip of the Past Week

I’m behind on making clips but I hope to get caught up this coming week.

That’ll do it for this week y’all. Stay safe and be well, and take care of each other!

Author: Brian Rubin

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