Spacing Out: I Owe Independence War 2 an Apology

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  1. frptunz says:

    Hey Brian grats on the enlightement, you are one of us now, brother :)
    Srsly, I’m happy for you. IW2 is one of the most underrated space sims of all time.

    Although I remember there was a mission in the end of chapter 2 or 3 where you had to convoy some escaping ships through waves of enemies and that was one frakking incredibly hard mission – partly because it had a bug in it locking those NPC ships stranded in space in the middle of an autopilot jump. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to avoid it and also not losing ships to the attackers.

    On another note – have you seen new ships anounced in SC? Retaliator looks a bit weird but even more interesting than Connie.

  2. Trasher says:

    Pseudo newton > fighter plane physics. You can use the mouse with the WASD keys, via a virtual mouse driver. Makes that game even more awesome. Control of the ship is everything to me, which is why I just can’t get into games like X and freelancer.

  3. Sean Tudor says:

    Thanks for the post Brian. You’ve given me the incentive to throw some money at GoG and play this game again. I’ve also downloaded Location Finder, Custom Jafs, and Manual Countermeasures. Are there any other mods you would recommend?

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey Sean, good to see you! And those are pretty much the only mods I use. :) Enjoy, and good luck!

    • S.Katze says:

      I have most of the mods that Brian linked to, like Crosshair, Calscreen, dense fields, free form mode, multimod (important!) and TugFixed, which fixes the lateral thruster sounds for the Tug. Also I have forced DirectX 8 rendering, which I believe improves LOD as well as shadows.

      • Brian Rubin says:

        What does Free Form Mode do, exactly? Turn off the story missions?

        • S.Katze says:

          Nah, it enables the player to continue playing after the last mission ends. Effectively, it turns the game into full sandbox mode. However, I am not nearly there.

  4. Wavinator says:

    Glad you found more value in this game. It’s got some of the best ambiance, although I have to dispute the “never see the same ship twice” part. Fight enough pirates and you’ll see Regicide and Deicide over and over again, and I still remember ship names like “Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” jumping in enough that it made me wish they had many more ship names. (Although it’s been years, so maybe they got an big update).

    Still, beautiful game.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Oh, heh, I guess that’s fair, I don’t really look at their names. I believe I meant you’ll never see the same combination of traffic at any one point.

  5. Duncan Day says:

    So glad you got past the tougness and see the awesome potential of this game. I played it for years. YEARS! and I still love it. The mods are a MUST though. Speaking of great mods, considerable effort went into a complete community driven game. Its called Torn Stars: Unstable Space. Check it out at the site

    The writing and universe background stuff is especially well-done ;)

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the site Duncan, and are you still playing it? IF so, are you using Torn Stars? I’ve been wondering about trying it out…

      • S.Katze says:

        It might be worth noting that on, in the SUB MENU on the right-hand side, you’ll find quite a lot of fan-fiction, some having been written by a familiar name. ^^

        For the Torn Stars mod, the address is .

      • Duncan Day says:

        Thanks Brian. I have both I-War and I-War2 on my drive from GOG but never really got them going because, believe it or not I kept two legacy rigs with the originals installed on each to keep playing during all those pre-GOG years. I haven’t played in a year or so, but now I’m inspired to return to it. We (Stephen Robertson and I) worked with the folks at GOG when they were getting ready to release them, they wanted to try to get our paper models of all the I-war ships (still available at the paper model site) bundled with the game as one of the content bonuses. Great idea but they wanted to retain rights, etc. so it never happened.

        As for the Torn Stars mod which was really an excellent effort by a strong and dedicated team of volunteers to create the I-war2 sequel we all wanted, after doing all the writing and world-building, news stories that would appear, event scripting, dialogs, etc, I just kind of burned out. It took so long to get it done that by the time it was ready, I was busy raising kids, running a business, etc, and had too many other cool new games vying for my limited time.

  6. doctorfrog says:

    Good to see ya come around. IWar2 is one of the best Space Video Games I’ve ever played, and I wish there were a sequel to continue to evolve it. A modern synthesis of 1 and 2 would be sweet.

    I wonder if you’d like to list the mods you ended up with? I see several in your post. Since most IWar2 mods exist in zip files, you might be able to see them just by browsing to your mods directory.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      I’m not using many mods, I believe I have:

      Multimod Location Finder
      Custom Jafs
      Multimod Manual Countermeasures

      • Duncan Day says:

        I recommend all those mods in Brian’s post. Try What Rocks! if you want to be a space miner. There is one (I forget which) that allows you to fly any ship in the game (cockpit view remains the same tho). Plus if you are a B5 fan, there are some excellent ship mods to choose from.

      • doctorfrog says:

        Those are pretty much the ones I’d recommend, but with one more:

        All it does is fatten up asteroid and debris fields. Very easy to mod yourself to get even more “dense fields.” Interesting thing: it’s impossible to collide with any of the flotsam when you’re in LDS mode.

        • S.Katze says:

          That was the case even in the first installment. After all, being able to collide with stuff in LDS mode would make the game almost completely unplayable… ^^

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