I’m So Excited – Hailing Frequencies Open for 6/20/17

Boom Goes the Ugly Spaceship!

Welcome to Podcast Day my friends! I’m excited about the podcast especially tonight because I really, really love the game we’ll be talking about. If you’ve not played Icarus Starship Command Simulator, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s basically a first person FTL-style game with an amazing sense of humor, something that’s quite rare in space games. Check out one of any of these vids to get an inkling as to how great and fun the game is.

Speaking of videos, today’s video of Renegade: Battle for Jacob’s Star is no less batcrap than yesterday’s, with the added “tragedy” of losing your wing commander, “Mother.” I think it’s supposed to be all emotional and crap, but I tell ya, not only did I barely care about this character, because he’s mostly a jerk the whole time, but he’s not really dead, as his ghost apparently haunts you for the rest of the game. What? I’m not even making this up. Well, unless your pilot is losing their mind, which I guess is an option.

Last night, I was really feeling the withdrawal my friends. I was anxious and edgy and really needed to play something. But what? Being spoiled for choice can really be an issue these days. So I basically closed my eyes for a moment and let my mind wander to the first game it thought of…and that game, interestingly enough, was Skyrim. Now I have a lot of hours in Skyrim, well over 100 (which, for me, is a metric fuckton). It’s definitely one of my desert island games, and what I usually do is play it hard core for a while then take a break. I was on a break upon returning yesterday, so as usual I had no clue what I was in the middle of doing, but I found myself in the middle of a gorgeous underground Dwemer ruin. I think I’d finished what I’d gone in there to do because there was a giant, dead Dwemer robot thing on the ground in front of us (Serana, the Dovahbit and myself), so we made our way out and just scurried around the countryside.

It was a fantastic trip, as we came across a ruin FULL of Draugr (and my sword Dawnbreaker LOVES slicing through Draugr), a battle between Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers, a massive giant camp and way more. I spent over an hour in Skyrim last night, and it was just what the doctor ordered. I felt way, WAY better after some time in the game, and I likely will put more in throughout the week. One of the reasons I don’t play it all the time is because I’d get nothing for this blog accomplished if I did, but it’s nice to visit every now and again, and I sorely could use it. If you’re wondering, I’m using the original/vanilla version of Skyrim. This is because I’m using a heavily modded character (my only Skyrim character that I’ve had the entire time) and I’m unsure if it’ll work in the Special Edition. Plus all my mods haven’t made it over yet (such as the Dovahbit), so I can wait before diving into the SE. I figure when I feel like making a whole new character, that’s what I’ll do, but right now I still love my Breton Battlemage.

Tonight I doubt I’ll get much gaming in, but that’s okay, I should be able to get some in tomorrow, as well as this weekend, including the game for next week, Galactic Civilizations II. Yeah, not III, II. That’s because it got a huge update a little while back, so I figured I’d revisit it. Tomorrow will likely be more Skyrim along with some LOGistICAL, a game I am dying to return to.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk news!

Finally, in sales, even though GOG is still doing their Summer Sale, they also launched a separate weekly sale which includes all of the Smugglers V stuff they have.

That’s it for today folks! See y’all on the podcast tonight! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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