Spacing Out: Crawling Out of a Gaming Funk

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  1. Tsubasanut says:

    Oh, I’m in one of them now! Lotsa game to choose from, new ones and retro as well…. I’m grab them one by one and just can get into serious mood. I really like seriouse gaming, when you immerse youself in something. But you do need a mood for it.
    What i usually do? I grab some retro game from 90th .It helps to remember how you were eager to face any new worlds, being a junior and such… And it is usually reminds you, what fun the gaming was in the past. And once you grab and hold on to that feeling again, you starting to feel the urge to start opening some new worlds. Most of the time it helps, and if it doesn’t – maybe you just too tired to enjoy gaming. Take a shower, a walk and get some nice long sleep (if you can). Sometimes forcing youself to play games, when your body is tired just gets you no profit. Oh and avoid time killers especially mobile ones.No rest and no fun guaranteed!

    Star wolves… Damn, had to finish the first one, that will be my third attempt to break through this first pesky aliens. Btw, there was unofficial sequel to first Star wolves, which bridge them with third game. But I think it was in Russian only.

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