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I’m Flyyyyyiiiinnnggg!

Welcome to Monday y’all! Wow what a busy weekend, let me telllllllllllls ya. I didn’t write one of these things on Friday because I was super duper wiped after making essentially six videos. Let’s get the non-space stuff out of the way first. I did a stream of my current non-space gaming obsession, LOGistICAL, to try and sell it to more folks (which seems to have worked! Yay!!!). It was also nice to get some more time with the game.

I then made a bunch of videos for one of this week’s games, so we’ll start with that one. Navalia is an interesting game. It’s a mix of conquest, combat, spaceship construction, research and resource management that takes a bit to grok, but once it does, it flows very nicely. I’d already had a little time in the game before starting a new campaign, and in this first video, I took over a local resource system from some alien queens in order to bring in the resources needed to build more ships. I had a great time with this one.

Later on Friday I spent more time with LOGistICAL, as well as the newly-released beta for Lightspeed Frontier, which is coming along REALLY nicely. The new tutorial really helps get one into the swing of things, and the clear icons totally tell you where to go to do stuff like mine or fight. I maybe spent an hour or so with it, and had a great time. Following that, Saturday I barely got in any gaming time at all, but yesterday I played an excellent game for a few hours in order to make the next series of videos.

Star Fleet Armada is graphically a throwback to the space adventure games of the 80s like Starflight. If you can look past the graphics, however, you’ll find an insanely deep game of exploration, combat, fleet and resource management and much more. It’s a really, REALLY fun game that I can’t stop playing. Finally, this week brings us my look at The Long Journey Home.

Which is an excellent game with some need for refinement. The controls are a bit…much. I felt like I was fighting them more than anything else, which did sap a bit of fun from the rest of the experience, but overall I had a really great time with this title.

Tonight the only gaming I intend to get is recording some footage for tomorrow’s Deep Sixed podcast, which I’m really looking forward to.

Now you might think, “Brian, you were a bit terse up there.” That’s because the bulk of my writing energy went to writing the news below, and there’s a huge amount of it, so let’s dive right in! ;)

We have some sales today! First up, the only notable items in Steam’s Weeklong Sales are BossConstructor (best deal here, honestly), Dawn of AndromedaStarship CorporationBeyond Space and Horizon. Finally, IndieGala is having an amazing 1C Mega Bundle which includes all the Star Wolves games, for example, as is a steal.

That’s it for today y’all! Thanks!

Author: Brian Rubin

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