Hailing Frequencies Open – 3/17/17 – Renegade Excellence


Hey y’all, it’s Friday! Yay! What are y’all playing this weekend? For this blog thing here, I’m gonna be playing Star Merchant, and hopefully get a bit further in TIE Fighter. Got some great tips after my last failed mission attempt, so I can’t wait to put ’em in motion. I also hope to finish Titanfall 2‘s amazing single player campaign, and…somehow, Drox Operative came up in conversation on Discord yesterday, so now it’s all I wanna play. Seriously. I actually, consciously avoid Drox Operative because I know if I start playing it, it’ll be ALL I play, to the detriment of this blog, so I have to be caaaareful.

Today’s video, the last of my Subwar 2050 videos, has me actually winning a mission, and it’s damned satisfying. I have to say, this game surprised me in just how awesome it was. I recall really liking it back in the day, despite being terrible at it, but I never spent too much time with it. I failed a couple of times and then moved on. Now, however, I actually wanna dive deeper (hurrrrrrrr) into the campaigns if for no other reason than to check out the mission design. I’ll likely turn down the difficulty so I don’t fail all the time too. This is really a unique game, and y’all should try it out.

Last night’s bout of Renegade X was a lot of fun. As it’s apparently built on the Unreal Engine, it really reminded me of the best Unreal Tournament matches I’ve had, but with a Command and Conquer flair, of course. There were maybe four or five of us playing, and it sounded like we all had a great time. The gameplay is fast and violent, and there are a lot of great ways to die. Don’t forget to try it yourself if you’d like, it’s totally free!

In newsish newsness, this massive new update for Starpoint Gemini: Warlords allows for planet takeovers! Gotta try THAT. :)

Over on Twitter, Joe of the Upper Memory Block Podcast shared with me this PDF of an early 80s programming book dedicated to making space games. Back in those days, even gaming magazines came with centerfolds covered in BASIC that one would use to type out their own games. I spent so many hours typing out BASIC into a Radio Shack TRS-80 to get very basic games (hah), and it was just amazing at the time. Ah, memories.

In sad/annoying news. DotEmu is shutting down, and this was a problem because it’s currently the only place to buy the amazing Hardwar digitally, as far as I know. Maybe it’ll head to GOG after this…

So I’ve been enjoying these little daily updates! They’re a fun little bit of writing (I’m especially enjoying coming up with the titles), they let me talk about both news and gaming-in-general stuff, and they get the brain going. I’ve decided not to do them on weekends because even I need a break, and weekends are when I work on videos anyway, so I’ve enough on my plate, so this’ll be the last little update for this week. I hope you you have a great weekend, and see y’all on Monday!

Author: Brian Rubin

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