Failing Frequencies Open – 3/16/17 – Robomaha Beach


Hey y’all, welcome to another daily rantfest! In today’s video, Subwar 2050 shows off more of its amazing variety and creativity by trying to have me sabotage a fishery off the coast of Japan. I failed, of course, because this game is balls hard (and I’m terrible at it, honestly), but truth be told I had a great time failing. It’s such a shame there aren’t more underwater combat games like these. While space is an amazing environment, it’s way simpler (at least in games) than the brutality underneath the waves.

Last night I had a greeeeat time in Titanfall 2 and Eternal Crusade. Titanfall 2’s single player campaign continues to impress, with a fully-Titan-based storming of the castle, as it were, plus a moment where I’m thrown from one moving ship to another. SO AMAZING. I continue to suck at Eternal Crusade, but I got maybe half a dozen kills over a few matches last night, so yay! I’m having fun as a space marine, but I might try an Orc next.

Last night I also installed tonight’s multiplayer game, Renegade X, and ran around some skirmish missions. The install took a while, but it was worth it, as it looks like a fascinating game, and I can’t wait to try it tonight.

In newsy news, this update to Endless Space 2 looks really neat. While I’m very open about my dislike of the first game, I’m so glad the second one is just…so, SO much better in conceivably every way. I’ve liked every Amplitude game SINCE Endless Space a LOT, so I’m thrilled the trend seems to be continuing. Also in news, the new Starfighter, Inc Kickstarter has launched, so go check it out! I, of course, backed it. :)

I’m loving how our community is taking off on Discord of late. Folks are regularly using the voice chat rooms for their gaming sessions, and the text chat rooms are fairly consistently busy. It’s great. If you’ve not stopped by, please do so!

Got another pledge on Patreon today! Thanks Tim Connolly! It’s always very exciting when folks decide to support the work we do around here in helping you find space games you’ll love. :)

Turok 2 came out today, so I had to have it. ;) I’d never played these games until these remasters came out, and I am SUPER enjoying the first game, so I had to get this one. Hunter’s enthusiasm really pushed me in the right direction.

Speaking of Hunter, he’s running a poll asking if folks want dedicated servers with us. Check it out!

That should do it for today! Thanks y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

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