Spacey Gamey Newsies & Dealies 4/10/13: A Light Day by Comparison

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Bringin’ Back the Daily News…

Hello folks, and happy hump day! I hope you’re having an awesome day, and to add to that awesome, here’s some space game news! :) Enjoy!

  • EVE Online – The official dev blog discusses changes to Navy ships in Odyssey. The Mittani has word on the SpaceMonkey Alliance losing 600+ billion ISK to dirty thieves.
  • Elite: Dangerous – There’s a new issue of their newsletter out, which talks about freighters, procedural planet generation and so on.
  • Star Citizen – Their press roundup this week is a vid of Chris Roberts’ SXSW presentation, which I’ll embed below the cut.
  • StarMade – A pair of updates covering a symmetry build tool and flood/security fixes.
  • Devinity – Thanks to Rock, Paper Shotgun for this. This is apparently a mod of Garry’s Mod in space, with NPCs, physics, planets, missions and so on! Check out the videos below!
  • Star Trek Online – Apparently folks can expect new visits from the folks on New Romulus, which means new shuttlebays or some such.
  • AI War – Another new patch to grace our presence, this time entitled “Defending The AI’s Front Lawn” which promises more “enthusiastic” AI.
  • Dominion – The official site has a new post on salvage and exploration.
  • Retrobooster – The dev has posted his impressions from GDC.

Finally today, in the deals arena, the Humble Bundle folks are having a weekly sale that includes four Blendo games, including the fun little space game Flotilla, which you can get for $1 currently.

That’s it folks! Have an awesome day!

Author: Brian Rubin

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