I Really Have a Zero Asshole Tolerance (i.e. Player Factions are Coming to Elite)

Do We Really Want the "DickButt" Faction Showing Up on This Map? Because it Will Happen.
Do We Really Want the “DickButt” Faction Showing Up on This Map? Because it Will Happen.

I recently read that player-based factions are coming to Elite: Dangerous, in the form of what are called “Minor Factions” that seem to operate similarly to the powers in the PowerPlay portion of the game. As I read this Q&A thread, I have to admit, I’m just filled more and more with dread. Why? Because I hate random Internet assholes. I mean, I’m sure some of them are good people, but for the most part random Internet assholes are what kept me away from multiplayer gaming for so long. One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed Elite more than other online space games that I won’t name but you’ll know to which I’m referring is the distinct LACK of player-run factions/corporations/groups/etc. Now, this worked fine in Jumpgate because the squadrons there weren’t squabbling over territory (which was still factionally controlled), rather the squadrons were player groups that supported each other and added a sense of camaraderie.

I don’t see that happening in Elite.

Because territory appears to be involved, it’ll just be large groups of roving pricks just shooting off random pilots who just happened to be in their territory because it was on the way to somewhere else. Just like it happens in other games I won’t mention.

Fuck. That.

Since this is being implemented, it’s unlikely I’ll ever play in open ever again. I dabbled in it here and there and thankfully had a fine time, but adding this? Fuck, it’s private groups or solo all the god damned way. Frontier is letting the crazies loose in the asylum, and I hope they realize what that means in the long run.

Am I overreacting? Maybe. I just hope the roving bands of assholes that will form because of this — and oh yes, trust me, they will form if they haven’t already — don’t affect play in private or solo mode. If they do, heck I might be done with the game entirely, and I so hope it doesn’t come to that because I loooooooove Elite.

Ah well, here’s to hoping it’s nowhere near as bad as I fear. I so would love to be proven wrong in this case.

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “I Really Have a Zero Asshole Tolerance (i.e. Player Factions are Coming to Elite)

  1. I hate griefers too and see the potential for some systems to become completely avoidable, but I don’t think it will be as bad as you fear. Right now, assholes already KOS for entering “their” system. Giving assholes the ability to influence territories might isolate them to specific areas of expansion that are more predictable. Or maybe not.

    But generally, I think this will enhance Open Play. I have a very limited and unpredictable schedule so I tend to solo, but I still like to feel like I’m a part of a greater cause. I also want to feel like I’m part of a living universe. Frontier has not been able to provide that. Conflict zones are meaningless spawn areas, Powerplay makes no political sense and is exploited for quick credits, and missions are nothing more than errands. With limited gaming time, the money grind does not appeal to me. I want to pop in for an hour or two when I can and contribute to something real. I want to feel like me and my Viper, however insignificant int he grand scheme of things, actually can affect something tangible.

    If player factions means some are evil assholes, I can deal with that as long as some are do-gooders who fight back. Player factions can provide goals that FDev hasn’t. Rather than “deliver x to system y” for a slight reputation boost and see zero affect for your efforts, you might log in to find that a faction ally needs an escort through hostile territory.

    I’m all for anything that may help breath some life into this game.

  2. I used to be like this in EVE Online but then I decided to toughen up and embrace the gameplay. Ended up joining a pirate corp and had a lot more fun than in my old carebear days of boring mining and level 4 PvE missions. There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of blowing up a fellow player – nicely of course. ;)

  3. The Wings update already led to roving bands of arseholes.

    This will just add Star Systems or Arseholes.

  4. I know this entry is a couple years old, but I personally don’t care. I like the challenge. The only thing better than player factions is trolling them and defeating the factions. Just to show them why player factions are stupid. I’m a a loan wolf all the way. If you bother me I will destroy you.

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