Spacing Out: Self-Inflicted Writer’s Block (i.e. A Polite Request)

Dammit Writing, Why Do You Vex Me So?
Dammit Writing, Why Do You Vex Me So?

So I said I would do one of these things every week and I’ve nooooooooooooooooot been totally sticking to my end of the bargain. Sometimes it’s fatigue, but most of the time…I have no idea what I want to write about. I either think of a topic I can’t fully flesh out, or my brain just decides to go on strike and stop. It’s like I have some self-inflicted guilt caused by my own perceived inability to write anything deeper than a critique. Weird, right? So this is where I hopefully don’t seem lazy in asking for your help. ;) I think what might help jumpstart this whole thing — my brain especially — is some topic suggestions from you guys. What would y’all like me to talk about?

I mean sure, I can review a game with little problem because there’s the game working as a focal point, but not having that focal point feels a good deal more difficult, and this is something I would like to improve upon.  So if y’all don’t mind, please, throw some topics my way. I’d really appreciate it, and I’ll do my best to give the topics the attention they deserve. Thanks! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Spacing Out: Self-Inflicted Writer’s Block (i.e. A Polite Request)

  1. What’s your perfect space game that hasn’t been made yet, and why?

  2. Hey’d I’d say don’t worry about adding content unless you’re inspired to write. I’m subscribed to the feed. I’ll get stuff when and if you post :)

    That said, a few topic ideas:

    – Perhaps interview other space game fans in the community about their history with space games, hopes for the future, etc. (might be an easy way for you to generate a weekly or bi-weekly post without too much work)

    – Occasional Kickstarter updates – what’s new? what’s the status of funded games? Which ones are looking problematic? (you already sort of do this as part of your news updates, but it seems like Kickstarter is a vibrant enough platform for space games that it might be a dedicated bi-weekly column update or some such.

    – Genre cage matches – For example, I’d love to read what people think is the best choice for spacey 4X strategy this days. There are so many options from the last several years (!) and I own nearly all of them (thank you, digital sales) but I don’t really have time to play them all. Where is my time best spent?

    – Freespace II mod roundup – I’m a bit overwhelmed with mod options, where to go, what to download, etc.How about a dummies guide to Making Freespace II modern and awesome?

    – Be an Astronaut – How about a survey of options for more realistic space-sim experiences? Seems like there is a fair bit of stuff out there such as the Orbiter sim, the upcoming Mars game from Bohemia, and I seem to recall even NASA got into the act with some stuff a year or two back.

    – Unsung space games – Which little known games, new or old, deserve some recognition?

    – Retrospective – you do a fair bit of this, but I love to read other people’s memories of some of the great old games and perhaps see how they hold up (or don’t) against modern games

    BTW, I ran a space games website called “Spacebound” back in the dark ages of 1995-1997. Thanks for carrying the torch :)

  3. I think you kinda do that, but revisiting the old space games (even one by one 8-P) would also be great!

  4. Those are some good, unique ideas, Biggerboat!

    Yeah, I’d second what he said, Brian – don’t feel pressured to write so many times a week even where you aren’t inspired to. That’s a sure-fire way to burn out because this will start feeling like work.

  5. Thanks for the ideas, guys, and the encouragement. Y’all are right, I think, and I think I’ve been guilting myself out as a result of trying to force inspiration. I really need to relax. :)

    1. hey Brian !
      Why not try a bit of cross-genre, and think about books you read and movies you saw, and say what they added to the space game genre, what games they could be made into and so forth ?
      What’s new in steampunk, in ultra-realism or fusion designs ? What’s the new trend for the autumn/winter venusian fashion line-up ?
      Also, why not, a state of affairs on old worn issues such as realism and fun blablabla, space gaming nostalgia and alzheimer, the right underwear you have to wear when jettisoned through the airlock, just to name a few ?

      and of course, a new 500-page dossier about alien abduction and its influence on 4X games…

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