Let’s Play RymdResa – Entry 5 – Scrounging for Resources

Yesss, Come to Me Little Resources!
Yesss, Come to Me Little Resources!

Welcome back to this final entry in my RymdResa series, my friends! In this entry, I get lucky and find a few large caches of resources in order to build up my home planet, which unlocks chapter three and a permanent ship of which I can choose only one. I’m not sure if I got through that chapter super quickly or what, but I feel like I really lucked out in that regard. Not that I want the game to go by quickly, but you know what I mean. What awaits me in the next chapter, I wonder, and why can I only pick one ship? This is stuff we’ll just have to find out on our own. ;) Overall, this is a really great game that is both tense and relaxing, beautiful and dangerous, and lots of fun. I really enjoyed my time with it, and will continue to play it likely long after this entry. Thanks so much for watching this series, and please pick up this game, for it’s very different and very awesome. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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