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So…This is Fun…

Hello my friends, and welcome to Thursday! The week is almost over, huzzah! I can’t tell ya how happy I’ll be when the weekend hits because I am EXHAUSTED y’all. It’s been a great but busy week, and next week will likely be even crazier. I can’t complain of course, but I’m not used to this level of getupandgoness.

So last night I recorded a series for next week covering the recently released Vostok Inc. I was shocked at how good the game was, as you’ll see in the videos. It’s a really fun twin-stick shooter with something of a clicker mechanic and minigames as well. It’s shockingly varied, funny and deep, and I really enjoyed my time with it. I was hoping to get some Titanfall 2 time in, but alas that didn’t happen, as I had some chores to finish up. I am totally hoping to get in some time this weekend, but with more prep work, the need to record Galaxy of Pen and Paper as well as the Earth and Beyond stream on Sunday, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to dive in, which makes me kind of sad. I can’t really complain though.

So today you get actually two videos. Last weekend I attempted to play one of the very first large-scale galactic conquest video games ever made, Andromeda Conquest by Avalon Hill. Back in 1982, when this came out, I was playing stuff like Lunar Lander on my TRS-80. If I had tried to play this, it might’ve killed any enthusiasm I’d had for strategy games, so I’m glad I didn’t. There’s a lot you can blame on the technology of the day, but there’s also a lot of odd design decisions here. It’s also a super easy game to break. I think I broke it half a dozen times. I could only get through two entries before throwing my hands up in frustration, so there ya go.

Tonight on the LAN Party, Spaz and I are gonna play the card game Star Realms! I’ve never played it, but I hope to touch the tutorials before we start. If not, it might be hilarious.

Now, onto news!

That’s it! See y’all tonight on the Stream!

Author: Brian Rubin

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