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Maniacal Monday – Hailing Frequencies Open for 10/30/17

Hey friends, welcome to Monday! Sorry I didn’t write one of these on Friday, as usual, the day totally got away from me, so there’s a lot to talk about. First up, the look of the site. I’ve been playing with a ton of things to get the site a better Page Speed score, and… Read More »

TGIYaddaYadda – Hailing Frequencies Open for 7/28/17

Hello my friends, and welcome to Friday! FINALLY! This has been a brutal week for me in terms of workload, lack of sleep and general exhaustion. I am super duper hoping to get some extra sleep this weekend, but who knows anymore. Speaking of this weekend, I’ll likely only have time to play Galaxy of… Read More »

Welp, WordPress Will Let You Publish Without a Title – Hailing Frequencies Open for 7/27/17

Hello my friends, and welcome to Thursday! The week is almost over, huzzah! I can’t tell ya how happy I’ll be when the weekend hits because I am EXHAUSTED y’all. It’s been a great but busy week, and next week will likely be even crazier. I can’t complain of course, but I’m not used to… Read More »