Spacey News and Deals 5/15-17/13: The Bring On the Weekend Edition

Drowning in News

Hellllllloooo my friends, and happy Friday! The weekend is FINALLY upon us! YES! Sorry about the lack of news for the past couple of days, there was some other stuff I needed to get done first before this, so I hope y’all don’t mind. :) Even though my time has been consumed with Distant Worlds: Shadows, I’ve still managed to fit in some X3: Albion Prelude, so I’ll have something on that early next week. I also hope to tackle some more TIE Fighter this weekend as well. But enough about me, there’s a LOT of newsiness to talk about!!!

  • Distant Worlds: Shadows – Speaking of which, that crazy cat Das24680 has three new videos of him playing the game. THREE. I wish I had his dedication/energy. YouTube user quill18 also has a Let’s Try video of him playing the game. These’ll all be embedded below too.
  • EVE Online – Several articles today, first from the official site, including a look at the next decade and an article on the Crossing Zebras podcast. Then, The Mittani has an article on introducing kids to the game, as well as reduced clone costs in Odyssey.
  • Infinite Pixels – Thanks to Rock, Paper Shotgun for making us aware of this “voxel space exploration game“. Oh look, there’s a trailer as well! :)
  • Star Trek Online – We have a two new Legacy of Romulus dev blog entries, one on the Klingon Defence Force, and one on the Numbus adventure zone.
  • Gimbal – There’s a new expansion for the game that adds new game modes, new parts, new maps and more. Looks like now’d be a good time to try it, huh? ;) I got a copy last year and it sadly fell through the cracks during my nutty Summer. I should rectify that problem…
  • Star Sonata 2 – There’s also a new expansion pack coming for this game next month called “Subspace Assault” that which adds restructured content and other stuff.
  • Aeon Command – The devs have posted the first part of the game’s post mortem, which makes for great reading.
  • Rogue System – There’s a new dev diary entry over on the game’s forums.
  • Predestination – There’s also a new April dev update for this game on the game’s official site (which REALLY needs an RSS feed, dangit). ;)
  • Star Citizen – There’s a new video up interviewing customer support guru Brittany Godfrey, who we’ve likely all dealt with at least once. ;) The video will also be embedded below. There’s also an update showing storyboards of the planet Stanton Landing, a new writer’s guide installment, and a fan focus video which I’ll embed below.
  • X3: Albion Prelude – There’s a big new 3.0 patch for the game that adds new plots, mission types, controller support and so on. A small hotfix was shortly released afterwards to fix some savegame issues. ;) Looks awesome, I can try my new 360 gamepad with it. ;)
  • Strike Suit Zero – There’s a new update looking at their Oculus Rift support, which I sadly can’t embed (silly Kickstarter vids).
  • Void of Darkness – They have a new website with more information on the game for y’all to check out. :)
  • Lunar Flight – The multiplayer beta is now available on Steam for PC players!
  • Epic Space Game – There’s a new version of the game which includes an official Mac client, an improved H.U.D. and more!

Now we have deals!!! First, I suppose to celebrate the release of its major 3.0 patch as noted above, some of the X games are on sale at a few places, such as:

Next in deals, Amazon is having a HUGE Digital Games Mayhem sale, yet it only includes a few space games (of which are of questionable quality, but I mention ’em regardless), such as:

Finally in deals, we have some randoms, such as Dawnstar (which I still need to play) for $5.00 on Green Man Gaming and Unstoppable Gorg for…whatever you want on IndieGameStand.

Finally in related stuff, the folks at the amazing Three Moves Ahead podcast had a great podcast on 4X games.

That’s it!! WHEW! Have a great weekend everyone.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Spacey News and Deals 5/15-17/13: The Bring On the Weekend Edition

  1. Distant Worlds Shadows lets me play as a pirate? Why is this money I am pushing into my monitor not going in? Give it! GIVE IT NOW!

    1. Yup, check out my preview right below this article. :) It lets you play as four types of pirates using one of several different races in two different ages. Awesome stuff. :)

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