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Miscellany: Hey Spammers…

If y’all wanna make a new user in WordPress here and NOT have me delete you almost immediately as a spammer, don’t say your favorite space game is Moon Breakers. I’m not a freaking idiot. ;) Just a tip. Morons. ;)

Spacey Snippets – 2/7/12

Hey y’all, been busy here in my world, but it’s also been busy in the realm of spacey news as well. Let’s jump right into it, shall we? :) The folks at Gamercast have an interview regarding Drox Operative with the game’s creator, Steven Peeler. It’s a great read, so check it out. According to… Read More »

New Browser-Based Space Combat Game – Moon Breakers

I have to be honest. One thing I’m loving about this blog is getting contacted by folks making their own space games. For example, today I got contacted, out of the blue, by Ed Byrne of Imba Entertainment to tell me about their new, browser-based — Chrome only — space game, Moon Breakers. Click below to read more…