Kerbal Space Program: One Small Step for Rubin…

This isn't an image from the hangout itself, but from the official KSP site.
I Went to There! ;)

Hey kids, how are ya? I’m chiming in because I just had a Google+ Hangout session with some friends over on Broken Forum in which they graciously took the time and helped me learn Kerbal Space Program a little better, and it was hilarious. With their help, I made my first orbit and also landed on the Mun! Yay!

It’s on the long side (as these things can get), and I’m still learning about these Hangouts, so for a spell I forgot to click on my little chat window to focus it on the game. I also think I need to learn to use some of the programs my buddy Paul told me about after the last hangout. I apologize for any quality issues, but please bear with me as I’m still learning. :)

Aaaanyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Kerbal Space Program: One Small Step for Rubin…

  1. Brian and guests, thanks. That was a ton of fun to watch. I skipped around a little, but I’m virtually certain that would be the latest paid version of KSP you were using?

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