Limit Theory Q&A: Limitless Procedural Good Timiness

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10 Responses

  1. frptunz says:

    Hey, Brian and Josh, thanks for the interview! Glad to see that Josh was inspired by the exactly right space game formula I like (easily learned as Freelancer, deep as X, infinite as Elite)! I backed the project, although I have some questions that bugger me a lot about it.
    For example, interface. UI. In my humble yet very strong opinion a great UI can easily make the game legendary or, if it’s cumbersome and unintuitive, completely ruin the game with all other things equal. So if LT isn’t going to be moddable, as Josh says, I really hope he’d work it out with the community – giving us the draft versions in beta and listening to feedback.

    Second thing – art. I understand that the goal of LT is to be virtually infinite game so it’d try to avoid personification through drawn character portraits and backgrounds (during conversations with races and factions). But at the same time it always saddens me when developers try to exclude personification factor from their games. When all you have to talk to is bare menus at planets and space stations, it makes you feel lonely very fast: you see only ships around you, chunks of steel, but not persons who fly them. I wonder what Josh thinks about it and how is he going to deal with whole art thing in LT (proceduraly generated portraits? heh, I’d see that :))

  2. Senil says:

    Wow interesting info. I’m getting more and more interested in this project. Thank you!

  3. EBM says:

    Now that’s what I like to see: a developer passionate about his project who answers interview questions clearly and with actual details!

    Definitely looking forward to this, though the likely lack of modding capability is disappointing. I love tailoring games I enjoy to my personal gaming style.

  4. Brian Rubin says:

    Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the article. I let Josh know about your questions and such, so hopefully he’ll pop in soon. :)

  5. S.Katze says:

    Brian, thank you very much for this interview. There were some interesting bits that Josh didn’t mention before, such as space not being seamless. I’m not sure if I like this, but his vision of himself in that ice field is exactly what I am personally hoping for. It’s exactly why I am backing his project.

    As for frptunz’s remarks, I upped my pledge specifically to be in the Beta council, to be able to give feedback to help make the best LT there can be!

  6. MiniMax says:

    Cool stuff and some interesting read.
    I like that guy.
    He feels natural and his ideas are the body of some of my child-hood dreams too.
    I too was dreaming of my own ship, floating in the endless void, spravled on my command chair and lazily admiring the vista.
    Elite and privateer made some of this happen.

    Felt strang reading about him liking the very same stuff.

    I guess there is still hope for the next generations! ;)

  7. Brian P Barrett says:

    Facinating interview. Im really looking forward to Elite Dangerous, now LT. It’s like having your birthday on Christmas day. Could you lock me up for 20 years please, while I just explore these universe’s ? Thanks…

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey Brian (great name), welcome to the comments, and I’m glad you enjoyed the interview, thanks for reading! :) And yeah, I hear ya, wish I had time to get lost in these worlds. :)

      • Brian P Barrett says:

        Just swap the a and I in our name eh? I remember year’s ago playing Elite on the CBM 64, and thinking how somebody could have taken so much time naming the countless star’s and planet’s. It was mind boggling to me at the time, and still is, to think that. our own universe, or universe’s are many time’s greater.
        Ah, it’s great to have imagination…
        Like Einstein said, ‘imagination is greater than knowledge ‘, but I, I thought, ‘wisdom is greater than all’ lol
        Look’s like it’s going to be a great year for exploration and knowledge in outer space.
        Cant wait hehe…

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