Spacey Gamey Newsness – 12/13/12

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  1. BiggerBoat says:

    Thanks for the news updates.

    Enemy Starfighter looks interesting and the combat video seems fairly slick. Not sure if the graphical look is placeholder, but I rather like the clean cell-shady aesthetic.

    Still sitting on the fence with Elite, but they’ve been doing a good job as of late. I just wish they were focusing on a solid single player experience. There’s something about the old Elite, the way it evoked a sense of vastness and loneliness, that I don’t think you get with other players knocking about and filling up the chat queue. That said, I’m probably going to jump in. I hope they hit their goal in any case. Elite was my introduction to space sim gaming.

    Evochron Mercenary is quite a solid game. I don’t think it gets enough notice/respect. The flight model is amazing. The planetary transitions are also quite neat. I keep thinking I should get more involved with the multiplayer aspects of Evochron.

    And Drox Operative is a ton of fun. I’ve got something like 25 hours into the blasted thing just during the beta.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey BB, welcome! I’m liking Enemy Starfighter too, especially the idea for a dynamic campaign. Can’t blame you on Elite, honestly. Part of me is still surprised I kicked to it. Evochron is a great game, and I’m glad it’s getting updated. :) And Drox is just wondrous. :)

  2. Psycho Society says:

    Holy crap, Enemy Starfighter is a game the world has needed for a very long time. It’s one of those games that just seems more real to me despite (or because of??) its simple graphics. You can just tell that game has got something. Looks cool. Real cool.

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