No Wipe for Elite: Dangerous – Guess What I’ll be Playing All Weekend? ;)

I'll Be Seeing a Lot of This...
I’ll Be Seeing a Lot of This…

Earlier this week (thanks Massively), it was confirmed that there WON’T be a wipe leading up to Elite: Dangerous’ launch next Tuesday. I’d shelved the game temporarily thinking there might be a wipe, but now that there won’t be? It’ll likely be all I play for a spell. ;) Join us next Tuesday night as we have something of a launch party podcast for the game. Wanna join us? Hit me up in the comments and let me know. :)

Oh, also, amazing trailer:

Oh, also, would you guys wanna see a stream up on Twitch maybe this weekend (or even sooner maybe)?

Author: Brian Rubin

14 thoughts on “No Wipe for Elite: Dangerous – Guess What I’ll be Playing All Weekend? ;)

  1. Perhaps it is a generational thing. I keep seeing all the negativity about how it’s “empty” and there’s “nothing much to do”. If you had told this old geezer that all you can do is fly around the entire galaxy and just look at stuff, I would already think it’s the best thing ever. Add to that the best dogfighting I’ve ever played in any flight or space sim, and all the other stuff that’s already in this “empty” game, and I’m still just “gobsmacked”, as Braben would probably say.

    Pretty much already uninstalled everything else. (Except for Civ:BE because it pisses people off that I like it.)

  2. Just got my Cobra for the third time last weekend.. and it really wouldn’t have mattered if there was going to be a wipe. Totally agree with Moonrogue that I just can’t comprehend these people who need to be led around in a game by the nose with some kind of baloney story – give me an open-world sandbox like Elite any day; we geezers know how to make our own stories.

    You can’t take the sky from us.

    Veloxi, you ought to set up some deal where SGJ readers who play Elite can link up and Friend each other – not going so far as to suggest we all form a private group, because I adore the open world.

    See you in space!

  3. Sonofa!

    I was also letting the game chill after making only about 30k creds to check out the Gamma updates. Now I gotta play catchup.

    See you in the stars!

  4. I played the Combat Training Demo a bit yesterday to prepare myself. Looking forward to the launch on Tuesday. And I’m looking forward to flying with you all!

  5. Hmm.. Why not. Assuming that I’ll live that long; ever since discovering that there won’t be a wipe I have cut down on sleep in favor of lazering people in the face (got sooo bored ferrying cargo, and exchanged my tricked up ZP Hauler for a bit less tricked up – but much more shooty – Viper).

    I’m sure that with random station names there must be a “Junker’s something” for launch day meetup :)
    Hopefully somewhere in general vincinity of Achenar?. That’s where I’m now, cashing up bounties for People’s Revolutionary Party of Nowhere Interesting.

  6. I am Moonrogue. Let us fly together. I am surgical with this bitch, Jake. I GOT YER SIX BROS. I probably should have put a comma in there.

  7. I plan on getting this game. Ive been seeing good and some negative comments but I am not one to listen to others as ive found that I usually like what others dont and vice versa. LOL. I also never play much multiplayer but I will hook up my headphones and mic to play with you guys some when it launches. I just hope I can get my mic working as ive had some trouble with it. I use a Razer Tiamat 7.1 so if anyone has any experience with those please let me know. See you guys in space if my connection holds out. LOL

  8. DANGIT! I thought I would be able to get away with not buying this game and just going with Star Citizen, but after a bit of watching and reading a bit of this I can see that is just not going to happen.

    When my wife asks why I spent another $50 on video games I am totally blaming you guys.

    1. You got off easy. I bought the $150 beta, a new monitor, a new HOTAS stick and a new video card for E:D. My wife will never ask me about it, because NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW EVERYTHING. ;)

      1. Oh, and I forgot the TrackIR 5. (And the new baseball cap to clip it to….)

        1. And now you have provided me with a new list of peripherals I /MUST/ have. If there is a knock on your door and a 5 foot 10 inch woman with short hair is at the door… DO NOT OPEN IT. Your life likely depends on it.

        2. Well, I just saved a bit of money, I think. I just figured out how to use a wii balance board as a set of foot pedals on the PC. Works surprisingly well… With that, three monitors, my Nostromo, and a Saitek Cyborg that I have zip-tied to my chair arm I am flying pretty now. Okay. Not pretty… Actually it looks like a cobbled together mess… But it works!

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