Spacey Gamey News 10/31/14 – The Spooky (Not Really) Edition

Drink In the News...

Hey folks, happy Friday, and happy Halloween! There’s some big news today in spacey game announcements and releases, so I’m gonna get right to it!

  • Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program ManagerThis comes out today, and you can buy it directly from Slitherine or on Steam! I hope to get some time with it this weekend, so stay tuned for impressions.
  • Stars Beyond Reach – This doesn’t look really SPACEY, but it’s from Arcen — the AI Wars and Last Federation folks — so I wanted to mention they announced it today. :)
  • Elite: Dangerous – The latest beta just added mining, and while I’ve not had time to engage in it myself, the Mittani is reporting prolific and awesome YouTuber Scott Manley has a video up showing how to do it. The latest newsletter also reports that the beta will be closing on 11/22, and if you don’t get in before then, you won’t get in at all until release (the date of which will be announced soon).
  • Wing Commander – The CIC is reporting on their Facebook page that a newalpha version of Flat Universe is now available to try out. Looks pretty cool it does.
  • Rodina – A new little video is up showing off seamless/moving interiors. It looks REALLY cool.
  • Star Citizen – The crowdfunding rolls on, as Blues notes that the game has passed $59 million in funding. Wooooow.
  • Beyond Beyaan – There’s a new progress update talking about moving to a new runtime environment, among other things.
  • PULSAR: Lost Colony – A new engineer update adds new engineering functionality, distress signals, fuel capsules and more.
  • Wayward: Terran Frontier – There’s a new open alpha update that adds more modules, features and hints at single player functionality. There’s also a new video showing off *gasp* piracy!
  • Shallow Space – A new update talks about both a site and in-game UI redesign, and I gotta say, both look great.
  • Interstellar Rift – A new dev update talks about new terminal screens, and they look sexy as hell.
  • X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter – Gamasutra has republished an older postmortem of the game from one of the game’s programmers, and it’s a fascinating read about the frustrations they ran into about making this ahead-of-its-time game.
  • M.O.R.E. – Their Kickstarter has been updated with a couple of new developement videos. Yay!
  • Unending Galaxy – There’s a meaty update on IndieDB talking about ship AI, UI changes, passangers and much more.
  • Void Destroyer – Their latest update includes polish, new instant action scenarios and much more.
  • Lords of the Black Sun – Space Sector has a review of the game I’ve had a hard time forcing myself to go back to. :/
  • Ancient Space – The Mittani has turned in their review of the game, which is generally pretty positive.
  • Celestial Command – There are two new blog posts, one covering various features (like LASERS) and one announcing full-forward development! Yay!
  • Vendetta Online – A new update to the game fudges with light sources and fixes resolution crashes.

That’s it folks! Have a fun and safe weekend!

Author: Brian Rubin

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