Spacey Game News and Deals 6/7/13: Finally-It’s-The-F#$%ing-Weekend Edition

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9 Responses

  1. DanieruX says:

    I think I’m as happy as you that it’s the weekend. I’m off to buy a joystick now yippe!

  2. Grave says:

    Still pretty disappointed of Born Ready for keep completely neglecting anything non-Steam ever since >:(

    • Brian Rubin says:

      In terms of what? Where the game is sold?

      • Gorkomatic says:

        I think so, in regards to expansions. You can buy basic game in different places (including GOG), but IIRC both Infinity and Heroes of the Fleet re Steam-exclusive.

        • Gorkomatic says:

          OK, brain fart. Infinity is obv available elsewhere, but Heroes is on Steam only.

          • Brian Rubin says:

            Now, on these other places, do you buy Steam keys, or the actual game?

          • Grave says:

            Both Raptor and Marauder (?) DLC are Steam exclusive either (I think).

            And there will be no GoG release of Infinity because of that online leaderboard reason.

  3. doctorfrog says:

    Even though I have all the AI War expansions, it was impossible to pass up the Indie Royale: $8 nets you the soundtracks for all Arcen games. That’s around 9 hours of music that is normally sold separately at 5-10 bucks each. Sweet deal, not likely to occur again, either.

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