Spacey Game News and Deals 6/7/13: Finally-It’s-The-F#$%ing-Weekend Edition

News Hands!
News! Yay!

Hellooooooooooo my friends, and happy Friday! I hope y’all had a lovely week as well as fantastic weekend ahead. I sadly won’t be able to get in anywhere near as much gaming as I’d like this weekend, and I’m totally feeling the pangs of withdrawal, but hopefully I’ll get enough in to calm my frayed nerves. Okay, they’re not really frayed, but lawdy lawd what a week it’s been. Anyway, enough rambling, onto the news!

We also have some deals!!

  • First, the big one. The latest Indie Royale bundle has ALL of the AI War games, including the upcoming Vengeance of the Machine expansion — which goes into open beta today — for a minimum of $5.49 at this point, which is AMAZING. Even better, if you pay $8 or more, you get the soundtracks to ALL of the included games. This is a STEAL people, so if you don’t own these games, jump on it now!
  • Then, over on Green Man Gaming, you can get Strike Suit Zero for $6.79 and Strike Suit Infinity for $3.49.

Then, in related news. the Roberts Space Industries site has a look back at Strike Commander, which I’ll embed below. Finally, at Matrix Games’ upcoming Historicon event in July, they’ve announced that Buzz Aldrin will be on hand to talk about his career as well as their upcoming game, Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager. The bigger news is that I’M GOING TO BE THERE! YAY! ;)

That’s it folks. Have a wonderful weekend!

Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “Spacey Game News and Deals 6/7/13: Finally-It’s-The-F#$%ing-Weekend Edition

  1. I think I’m as happy as you that it’s the weekend. I’m off to buy a joystick now yippe!

  2. Still pretty disappointed of Born Ready for keep completely neglecting anything non-Steam ever since >:(

      1. I think so, in regards to expansions. You can buy basic game in different places (including GOG), but IIRC both Infinity and Heroes of the Fleet re Steam-exclusive.

        1. OK, brain fart. Infinity is obv available elsewhere, but Heroes is on Steam only.

          1. Both Raptor and Marauder (?) DLC are Steam exclusive either (I think).

            And there will be no GoG release of Infinity because of that online leaderboard reason.

  3. Even though I have all the AI War expansions, it was impossible to pass up the Indie Royale: $8 nets you the soundtracks for all Arcen games. That’s around 9 hours of music that is normally sold separately at 5-10 bucks each. Sweet deal, not likely to occur again, either.

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