Strike Suit Infinity: Sometimes Simpler is Better

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6 Responses

  1. Grave says:

    Still don’t get why so many people stereotypicalize this with highly unrelated things like Omega Boost or ZoE =\

    Is it because of the mecha? I think since SSZ it’s more like Colony Wars instead of any mecha games around.

  2. aredynxi says:

    Strike Suit Zero, I fell in love with that game since day 1, the gameplay, the difficulty, the mech inspired style, the awesome soundtrack, everything. But I totally spaced out on Infinity, but now your review really wants me to have a go at it, since it really sounds amazing without the annoyances that made Zero a bit lacking, yes we all know that defending that carrier was the drag of all things or the bombers for that matter, jesus christ it was like…aagh let’s stop right there, I’m not going to get in there again.
    Anyhow nice review.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Yeah, stripping it down to its core I think makes this iteration the better of the two. Check it out. :)

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