Spacey Game News 1/30/12: Video Deluge

News Hands!
I’ve Got The Whole…News…In My Hands…

Hellloooo everyone, and happy hump day! I hope y’all are having a lovely week thus far, and to hopefully add some spaceship shininess to your day, here’s a buncha news for your eyes to feast upon! Plenty of vids today too, so they’ll all be embedded after the cut.

Finally, just to let y’all know, tomorrow night I’ll be doing a live interview with Tyler Yohe of Broken Crown Games about their upcoming game, Escaping Titan, over Google Hangout. I’ve never done a Google Hangout interview before, let ALONE a live interview, so this’ll be interesting, and of course you’re all invited. Once I figure out where the heck it’ll be I’ll put the link up here and on Facebook and Twitter. Hope to see some of y’all there. :)

That’s it for today folks. Thanks for visiting and reading!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Spacey Game News 1/30/12: Video Deluge

  1. It’ll be a first for me as well, so I’m excited to give this live hangout a try. I hope some of you are able to make it!

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