Space Pirates and Zombies 2 Coming to Early Access May 19th!


Friends, I usually don’t have time to post news on the site itself, because it’s a lot quicker to post stuff to Twitter and such. I’m making a special exception in this case, however. Why? Because this game, and its developers, have a very special place in my heart. The original Space Pirates and Zombies was the first ever review I did on this site nearly five years ago — back when everything was still all text, all the time — and the developers have always been super supportive of me and this site. ;) Since then we’ve had the developers on our podcast too, wherein we talked about the sequel like over TWO YEARS AGO. Well, the folks at MinMax Games have been faiiiirly quiet since then…until now:


The game is coming to Steam early access on May 19th! THAT’S SO CLOSE! I hope to get a build soon. I can’t WAIT! Thanks for reading guys and gals!


Author: Brian Rubin

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