Nexus Conflict Announced – New MMOG Set in Black Prophecy Universe

Pretty Ship!

A new capital-ship-based combat game that takes place in the same universe as Black Prophecy has been announced, called Nexus Conflict. This game — which is browser based using the Unity engine — apparently takes place in the “nexus” reaches of space, where two universes are colliding, which leads to large scale PvP and PvE conflict. Features include co-op missions, a skill system, ship configurations options and so on.  I’ll bring you more info as I get it, and you can register for an upcoming beta phase as well if you’d like, but you can click below for a teaser trailer and more screenshots.

Let me apologize for the Games Press watermark on these, usually I can download screenshots as a ZIP without watermarks, but that wasn’t working today for some reason.

And the teaser trailer:

Author: Brian Rubin

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