BossConstructor Leaves Early Access

Spaceship building/combat/construction game BossConstructor surprised us all today by leaving early access (well, I didn’t know it was happening, at least).

The video describing what’s new with the final release linked below in the source — which I’m listening to as I write this — says the game includes new localizations, its soundtrack, lots of bug fixes and much more! I’m excited about this, and can’t wait to cover it next week (sorry GalCiv II, you need to be moved again).

Check out the game y’all, it’s pretty great. I made a video ages ago and really liked it, so I decided to wait to let it finish cooking before I dove back in.

You can read about the game’s post-release plans here. Check it out!

Source: Today BossConstructor leaves Early Access and goes for a full release. :) | BossConstructor

Author: Brian Rubin

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