Miscellany: Slight Rules Change

Alright, it's not a GREAT graphic, but it's the best I could find, K? ;)

About a month ago, I got an email totally out of the blue from Rich over at Digital Eeel Games. He told me I “really must play Weird Worlds“, the sequel to the excellent Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (which you can now download for free, by the way). If you’re unaware, these games play like a Starflight-esque space exploration game, wherein you find stuff to loot, fight enemies and so on…but an entire game can be played in maybe 10 minutes or less.

I owned the first game from a while back, and enjoyed it immensely, so I accepted Rich’s gracious offer, letting him know I’d review the game once I got to it on my list. That should’ve been that, but something nagged at me. Here’s a guy that contacted me and offered me a copy of his game, on his own, without any request from me, and I thought that was really nice. I thought to myself, “Should I wait to review this gentleman’s game for what might be years, just to keep things in order? That doesn’t seem fair.”

So after much thought and some discussion to make sure I’m not nutty, I’ve decided to add a rule to my list of rules, which is as follows:

  • If a game’s author is kind enough to send me a copy of their game, I’ll add it into the current queue of reviews to reward that kindness.

Therefore, if you’ll look at the Coming Soon section of the Sidebar, you’ll see that Weird Worlds has been added accordingly based on when I got it. I hope this makes sense to y’all, but please ask if you have any questions, or share your concerns if any. Thanks, as always, for reading, and have a great day!

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Miscellany: Slight Rules Change

  1. That was nice of him. You should totally play it along with everything else as I find it's best played over the long-term instead of 4 or 5 games in a ro.w

    1. Play it concurrently?! Hmmmmmmm, that wouldn't be too tough, maybe have it be a bunch of mini segments/reviews. I like that idea!

      1. Weird Worlds doesn't need 20 hours of playtime to be reviewed. It's short AND quick.

        It has roguelike elements (you die easily and start a new game easily) while having enough flavour for neat new things to pop up for at last a few dozen plays.

        I would definitely recommend trying it out "on the side".

        1. Hah, I don't know if it even needs the minimum of six hours. :) I'll likely play one round, write up a small review, and do that maybe 4-6 times.

  2. Wow, a Starflight-like game that can be played to completion in 10 minutes? I'm must be getting old because this sounds really good.

    1. Oh, it might be more like 10-30 minutes, but yeah, it's a blast. You can download the original game for free to try it out.

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