Miscellany: Trying to Avoid Tedium, Trying Some New Things

Hey y’all, how are ya? I’m chiming in because something’s been bugging me for a while, and I’m trying to approach it in ways that make this more fun for me and engaging for you. :) You might’ve noticed that I’ve not been posting the daily videos from YouTube for a little bit. That’s both due to lack of time and because IT’S SO TEDIOUS. Seriously, super tedious. There are also duplication issues that’ve bugged me for a spell, but I’ve never really known what to do about it, so I just soldiered on.

Well, today, I came up with a new idea that I wanna try out for a spell on y’all in the hopes of writing a bit more, plus increasing engagement. Instead of posting the daily videos directly here, I’m going to post my random gaming thoughts for the day, which will include thoughts on said video. I’m thinking if I spend maybe ten minutes a day writing my thoughts down, it’ll be a good writing exercise plus it’ll increase variety around these parts. I’ll be posting links to the videos directly on the wiki as well.

I figure this will all be going to make updating this site more fun and less tedious, because let me tell ya, time is at a PREMIUM these days, and if I’m not spending it doing something I wanna do, I’m gonna find something else to do with said time.

So that daily post thing will be starting later today.

Something I’ve also been debating about in my head is the forums. I’m a big fan of forums, but I also see that they’re slowly going the way of the dodo. More and more people seem to be gravitating toward chat services like Discord and Curse, so fewer and fewer folks are using forums. I love forums, so I wanna keep ’em, but I also wanna make them more engaging (which I know is my fault). So what I wanna do is copy what Quarter to Three does in integrating comments and forums. I want this place to be more textual with daily updates and what not, so what I wanna ultimately do is install Discourse and integrate it with the comments here so we have a bit of both, forums and comments, in one streamlined place.

Finally, something that’s been getting more and more tedious are the small images I post on the top of every article, so I’m thinking of dropping them entirely. This post is kind of a test in that regard to see how I (and you) like it. ;)

So tl;dr, I wanna make this blog more textually focused with daily updates, news and such while I focus videos more on Youtube, and TIE (hurrr) it all together with the updates I’ll be doing here. I’m gonna try this out for a week or two to see how it sits, but I’m excited about it, as it’ll hopefully make things less tedious overall and much more fun.

Thanks y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

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