SGJ Podcast #13: Dominium Q&A with Malcolm Sparrow

What Does It MEAN?!

What Does It MEAN?!

Hey kids, welcome to episode #13 of the Space Game Junkie! This time, Jim and I get up early in the morning to talk to Malcolm Sparrow, the lead developer of space combat and trading game Dominium (formerly known as Dominion) and it’s current Kickstarter campaign. This podcast is a bit shorter than usual because we did it at 6 AM my time, and I had to rush to work afterwards, just so y’all know. ;) As a treat, you’re all hearing me pre-coffee. ;)

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Episode #13 Show Notes

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  1. Mak says:

    “What does it MEAN?!” – Dominium = latin for Dominion ;) Not quite a literal translation, but close enough! I realised I wandered away from a few of your questions without meaning to – so I’ll rack ’em up and blog some more in-depth answers… Cheers Brian – was a pleasure, and thanks to you and Jim for the pre-coffee session :)

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