Protostar: War on the Frontier Review/Let’s Play Summary


Protostar: War on the Frontier, even though it’s not an official Starflight game, has many of the hallmarks of the series, such as exploration, conversation, trading and mining and so on. It’s a lot more combat heavy than the previous games, but it’s more hands-on in a lot of ways as well. What did I think, overall? Check it.

How Easy Was it to Get Into?

Not thaaaaat easy, actually. With its overt reliance on the mouse, I felt this game was a bit more complicated than it needed to be. This made trying to pass things such as combat much more of a chore than it needed to be. It’d be difficult to recommend this to a newer gamer who is used to usually having a more streamlined experience. In this game, you’re pretty much thrown off the deep end right off the bat, which doesn’t really win any points in its favor.

What Did You Think of The Game’s Usability?

Not great, honestly. Again, the reliance on the mouse really hurt this game’s usability, especially during combat. Using the right mouse button to cycle through weapons, along with an exit combat button, really made combat maddening at times, as there were times we’d just suddenly STOP because I accidentally hit exit rather than select a weapon. There were just some odd decisions here.

Was the Gameplay Challenging and Fun?

Once I got over the damned interface, I did find the game mostly fun. Controlling one’s ship and lander in a first person mode really added to the immersion, and there were times wherein I was having a really good time.

Did you Find any Glaring Flaws with the Game?

Again, the interface. Oh my god the interface.

How Did it Look and Sound?

VERY 1993. Charming, in its own way, and the music is nice.

Are you going to Keep Playing It?

Heck no. I don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with the interface any longer.

Which Were Your Favorite and Least Favorite Parts of The Game?

Er……….I honestly can’t say, to be frank. (Hi Frank!) Seriously though, this game just…never left a lasting impression on me.

Should I Buy It?

Unless you’re a Starflight completist like myself, you can skip it.


It’s funny that I finished this back in the day, since it’s just so…tepid. It’s not particularly great, but it’s not horrifically bad…it just is. I guess maybe that’s the least we can ask of any game? Ah well, I don’t regret revisiting it, but I’m glad I never have to play it again also.

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Author: Brian Rubin

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