Let’s Play Blue Planet – Entry 3 – The Fit Hits the Shan (Plus Some Extra Death!)

Die Beam Cannon!
Die Beam Cannon!

Welcome back to Blue Planet! In this entry I attempt two missions, only finishing one of them. The first mission was an honor guard in which we escorted some new friends to our flagship. I really liked this mission because it was unexpected, and a nice breather before the next mission. That mission, “Forced Entry,” has our backs against the wall, so we as a fleet make a run for it. It…doesn’t go well. So poorly, in fact, that I’m forced to take a break in order to avoid being pissed off at the game. I kinda like that it’s this diffuclt at times, however. Adheres to the old-school way of doing things, I think. Regardless, as I write this I’ve not finished the mission, but I’ll try later, and if I beat it that’ll be a separate side video.

Now, in that video, I failed “Forced Entry” three times before taking a break. I returned to it the next day to try again, which resulted in the following disaster:

I failed this mission five more times, in a row. IN A ROW. That was a nice punch to the gut. Thank GOODNESS Freespace 2 has a kind streak, and lets one skip a mission after five failures. I REALLY felt like crap taking the option, but I was glad it was there.


Author: Brian Rubin

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