Escapting Titan Video Q&A: There’s a First Time for Everything (That Was Fun!)

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I’ll Be Visually Speaking to These Guys (or Guy)…;)

Hey folks, welcome to my first ever live Q&A, or video Q&A. Now, I usually don’t like to subject folks to my ugly mug, but Tyler of Broken Crown Games came up with the idea, so blame him. ;) This Q&A will cover their upcoming game, Escaping Titan, as well as their Science Behind the Sci-Fi panels, and whatever else comes up. We’ll be using Google+ Hangout to broadcast this, so you can join us on:

Starting tonight, 1/31/13 at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. Now, I think, THINK it can also be embedded here using a simple YouTube embed link, so if I CAN do that, I’ll add a link after a cut below. I invite y’all to join us if only just to watch me make a mess of everything, but also to learn more about the game and the folks behind it. ;)

Edit: All done, and what a good time! Due to a technical glitch, the Q&A is in two videos, which you can see after the cut. I wanna do more of these now! ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Escapting Titan Video Q&A: There’s a First Time for Everything (That Was Fun!)

  1. I’m totally sold on this game already. I’m off to dig into the Science Behind the Sci-fi posts (please, more people do stuff like this!)

    1. Wooohoo! I am so happy to hear that, and I’m sure Tyler will be too. Thank you!

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