Descent: Underground Q&A – Diving Deep for Fun and Profit

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3 Responses

  1. Timmaigh! says:

    Nice interview, thanks.

    However i would have prefered, if Eric Petersen tried to bring back Conquest Frontier Wars instead of this…its one of my fav RTS games and games in general too…since it was released, the only RTS i liked more was Sins:Rebellion. I know he tried that via KickStarter, but IMO it was always destined to fail that way, since its fairly obscure game..

  2. S.Katze says:

    Well, while I was initially hyped by the thought that we might soon have a new Descent (as with you, Brian, the second installment is my favourite one), I was put off that Descent: Underground will be MP only with an *optional* SP campaign *maybe* somewhere in the future, and only if enough gullible fools… sorry, I mean KS backers will back the game. No, I will not be a part of this.

  3. Khrull says:

    This game is going to rock! Can’t wait. They’ve got a great team and they’re getting tons of community input.

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