Distant Worlds: Shadows In Yo’ Face! (via Google+ Hangout)

A Taste of Things to Come...
A Taste of Things to Come…

Hey guys and gals. I’m chiming in because I just finished a massive Google+ Hangout on Air with some folks from Gamers with Jobs in which they asked me to show them Distant Worlds with the new expansion, Shadows. It kinda goes all over the place, but it shows a good bit of gameplay from the empire’s side of things. You can expect my formal review of Distant Worlds: Shadows likely tomorrow.

Enjoy the video! (Also, this is my second Hangout on Air ever, and I barely had any idea what I was doing, so please be gentle ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Distant Worlds: Shadows In Yo’ Face! (via Google+ Hangout)

  1. woot! glad you guys did it on air, i like the format :3
    Also, distant worlds is awesome… love the game.

    1. Nice work.

      You may want to try some Hangout Extensions like Hangout Toolbox or Pro Studio. It helps keep the focus on the gameplay and prevent the noisy folks from taking the video focus, and some effects stuff like lower third banners and logos.

        1. I think you can start by clicking on yourself in the lineup and that should freeze the main view to you. Pro Studio has some additional controls like muting on your end and side channel communications.

          Hangout Toolbox helps with graphics and I think you can monitor the YouTube comments in real time.

          1. Oohhh, those both sound awesome. I looked ’em up and it looks like one has to start a hangout through these websites/services is that the case, or are they Chrome plugins?

      1. Yeah, the noise was mostly on my end as I had to jump on my laptop at the last minute. I was constantly muting myself, which was kinda annoying as I forgot when I was or wasn’t muted.

        We all came in a bit under-prepared for everything. I myself haven’t played the game for a few months and I play the game completely different from Brian here, so it was interesting to see how much he let’s the AI handle. His economy was up and running really quick, but if we had gone on longer I think he would’ve run into resource trouble, which is when decisions get to be truly interesting to me as the game world pushes back at you.

        1. You’re likely right, which is interesting because pre-Shadows I never ran into resource problems, so I kinda like that. I’m gonna try one of those Hangout extensions that Paul mentioned next time, I think, but still, lots of fun. Thanks for joining me. :)

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