Some Spacey Game Deals to Cure the Mondays

Kinetic Void Screenshot
If You Build It, They Will Shoot It…

Hey y’all, got some more deals today to share, which are as follows:

  • On Steam, Kinetic Void is the deal of the day, selling for $6.80. The game is early access, but in this case, it’s VERY early, as there’s really no there there, it’s just a ship builder and an empty universe at the moment. It has potential though, so that’s what you’d be buying into.
  • On ShinyLoot, we have two spacey games for sale I’ve not really heard of. First is Space War Commander for $3.00 and Space Salvager for $1.28. I, of course, purchased them both. ;) They both look nifty, but I’m keen to try Space Salvager since the words “open world” get me hot and bothered. ;)

That’s it for now folks. Enjoy! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Some Spacey Game Deals to Cure the Mondays

  1. They Updated Kinetic Void with some simple Missions!
    “New missions: hostile encounter, search and destroy, patrol. These missions are still bare bones, but represent the building blocks for our future implementation.”

  2. I jumped on Kinetic Void since it’s available for Linux. I’m always interested in expanding my Linuxable game library.

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