SGJ Podcast #01: Graphics vs. UI vs. Gameplay! FIGHT!

More Chit Chat

More Chit Chat

Hello, and welcome to episode 01 of the SGJ Podcast. Join Jim from the Bad Movie Podcast and me as we try to adapt something of a format in order to have some more focus and structure! ;) We talk about some news, some games we’re playing, and our topic for this week, which games that are still worth playing even though their graphics and UI are on the archaic side. We also look at the opposite side of the coin, games that have held up well over the years.

We also have an iTunes page now, as well as our RSS feed! Yay! Thank you for listening, and please find our show notes under the cut. :) Also, since I’m still pretty new to this podcasting thing (it’s old hat to Jim, thankfully), please don’t hesitate to give me constructive criticism on how I can improve my performance either in the comments below or in the forum. :) Hope the length is okay with y’all, but again, new to this stuff, still trying to be efficient. ;) Thanks again! :)

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Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn – A Labor of Love

1 - Welcome Aboard

Your Journey Begins Here

I am, I’ll admit, an unabashed Wing Commander fanboy. I’ve played all the PC games and enjoyed all of them (Privateer 2 doesn’t count), and have logged several hundred hours in the various iterations of the Confed/Kilarthi universe. Now we have a new, fan-based peek into that universe I and many fans love so much. Entitled Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn, it’s a game with a long history, almost as long as the series on which it’s based. Please join me now as I take a look at this new entry into the Wing Commander mythos and see how well it fares.

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Spacey Gamey Newsies and Dealsies – 11/2/12

News Satellite Dish

Yeah, I Have to Get Creative with News-Related Images. :P

Hey y’all, welcome to Friday! With the weekend almost upon us, it’s time for our final round of news for the week! Let’s take a look at what’s going on, shall we? ;)

  • The big news of the day is that the Kickstarter for Strike Suit Zero has past their funding goal of $100,000!! Congrats to them! According to a Tweet from Jamin Smith, a pledge from the lead designer of Assassin’s Creed 3, Steve Masters, pushed them over the line.
  • The races page on the Drox Operative website has been updated with info for two more races in the game, the Humans and the Shadow. Also, according to a post on Soldak’s Facebook, the next patch will include bounty hunters that can hunt Operatives! Cool! Edit: The patch is out! Read about the changes here! Yay!
  • Even though we talked about the release date for Miner Wars 2081 yesterday, Rock, Paper Shotgun has a nice writeup about it.
  • Finally in the news, the Star Citizen Kickstarter has been updated with a small Q&A about the Xi’An, a recently revealed alien race in the game.

Now, in terms of sales, GOG is having a Massive EA Selection sale this weekend, which includes spacey classics such as:

Which are all just dang amazing deals. If you don’t, for some WACKY reason, already own these, this is a great time to snag some of the best space gaming ever. The final deal is over on Steam, where you can get the just-released-over-there Gemini Wars for $15.99.

Finally, in non-gaming news, there are some lovely ship designs over on the Concept Ships blog from Tom McDowell.

And that’s it for today folks. I hope y’all have a lovely weekend and get some fun spacey gaming in. :)



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(Almost) All of the Wing Commander Games on Sale at GOG

Wing Commander

Pew Pew on the Cheap!

Hey y’all, GOG is having one of their weekend sales, which this time includes the Ultima and Wing Commander games. Since what we really care about around here is Wing Commander, you can get these on the cheap:

If you’ve not played any of these, now is the perfect chance to snag these iconic games and see what all the fuss is about. :) Enjoy!

PS. The recently released Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn takes place in the same time period as Wing Commander 3, so to fully get everything out of The Darkest Dawn, you should play games 1-3 first. :)


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Conquest 2 Q&A with Eric Peterson: Refitting the Fleet for a Relaunch…

Conquest 2 Screenshot

Returning to the Front Lines!

When I first heard that Conquest 2 – Vyrium Uprising had arisen like a phoenix from the ashes, and had appeared on Kickstarter, I was insanely excited. I immediately used the contact form on the Kickstarter page to make a press inquiry…and received a reply from Eric Freaking Peterson (Note: Freaking is not his middle name….I hope…).

You know, the guy who worked on the original Conquest: Frontier Wars, as well as Wing Commander IV, Privateer 2 and Starlancer? ;) To say I was starstruck was an understatement. ;) Despite my fanboyish excitement — or maybe because of? — Eric agreed to do a little Q&A with me, and you can read it after the cut, as well as look at two exclusive screenshots from Conquest 2. Enjoy!!

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Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom Debuts on GOG!!!

Admiral Tolwyn

Tolwyn Approves ;)

OMGOMGOMG! Finally, the best game in the series, in my humble opinion — especially since it has the best fighter — is now on GOG. You can now get the amazing space sim/sci-fi movie, Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, on GOG for $5.99. If you’ve not played this amazing game, you owe it to yourself to do so, but make sure you play 1, 2 and 3 first. ;)

Why is this game so awesome? Let me give you a brief rundown…

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