Spacey News and Deals – 10/25/12

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Hey y’all, happy Thursday! There’s a lot to cover today, so I’m just gonna jump right in:

Yeah, that’s it for news. I know, right? But wait, there’s more. This next section outlines some new spacey games I found on Kickstarter, so while not “news”, technically, I’m including it to raise awareness for ‘em. These include:

  • Mercenary Dark – A “space action/RPG” with 26 days left at less than 1% funded.
  • Mobile Bridge Project – Not a space game itself, but a mobile bridge built for use with the Artemis bridge sim. 14 days left, less than 1% funded.
  • Exodus: Grand Melee – A “4x space mmorts mech combat and empire building simulation game”. That’s certainly a mouthful. 30 days left, well less than 1% funded.

Next, we have a buncha deals today too:

That’s it for today y’all, have an awesome one!


  1. frptunz says

    Thanks for the update, as usual!
    Too bad those new projects on Kickstarter appear to be way too low quality to spend money on. And such a shame Nexus 2 is about to fail too. I had such big hopes for it!

    • says

      Nexus was an alright game but I think only seven people actually bought it – the seven people that keep commenting about wanting to see another one. It is sad to see if fail, yes, but not exactly a surprise.

      • frptunz says

        In fact, Nexus was (and still is) far from “alright”. It was closer to “brilliant”. Sure, it had weird controls, but the core of the game – deep tactical combat – still is the best in the genre. So it’s not really only seven people who would love to see the continuation of it, Prime. It’s way more. :)

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