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SGJ Podcast #258 – Landinar: Into the Void

[welcome text here] This week, Jim, Spaz and I get up super early in the morning to sit down with Sander de Visser (Co-owner/Designer/Jack of all trades) and Ryanne Keulen (Community manager) from Convoy Games to talk about their upcoming space adventure game, Landinar: Into the Void. It’s a really fun discussion on not just the game… Read More »

Just Another Manic…Tuesday? – Hailing Frequencies Open for 8/29/17

Hello my friends, and welcome to Podcast day! So, so sorry I didn’t write one of these yesterday, but I only got four hours of sleep and just did NOT have the mental capacity to get through the work day and do one of these, so today you get something of a doubleshot, with news… Read More »

Freaking Friday – Hailing Frequencies Open for 8/25/17

FRIDAY IS HEREEEEEEE YEAHHHH! Seriously y’all, happy god damned Friday. I’m pretty happy because for the first time in WEEKS, I’ve a pretty open weekend y’all. Like, I think my only obligation is Sunday’s Earth & Beyond stream, which I am seriously, super duper looking forward to. Before we get to what’s ahead though, let’s… Read More »