Spacey MMO Streamfest Tomorrow – 9 AM-3 PM Pacific

Like Going Home Again...
Like Going Home Again…

Hey friends, just chiming in to remind y’all that tomorrow, starting at 9 AM Pacific time, Hunter and I (and whoever else might like to join us) will be playing three (mostly) free spacey MMOs, and if you have them, you’re welcome to join us. We’ll be playing, in rough order:

  1. Earth & Beyond (Free)
  2. Jumpgate (Free)
  3. Star Wars: Galaxies (You Need Genuine Installation Media for This, so Not Entirely Free)

This is gonna be my first time ever playing SWG, so that should be fun. ;) As stated, if you feel like joining us in the games themselves, you’re more than welcomed to. Otherwise we invite you to join us here:

It should be a fun time, so hopefully you can join us for part of it. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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