Announcing Monthly MMO Meetups!

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Hello friends, and welcome to something new I wanna do in 2017: monthly meetups wherein we play a classic MMO together. Our lengthy MMO stream from a while back got me on the idea of this, so I wanna start with a classic MMO like Jumpgate, which you can play entirely for free. One of the reasons I wanna do this is not only to have more events on the site/channel, but I also wanna get more people playing games I love like Jumpgate, so my reasons are a bit selfish as well, I admit.

Now we’re gonna try and focus on classic MMOs like Jumpgate, but also Earth & Beyond, Allegiance and Star Wars: Galaxies, which you can all play for free for the most part. People are already playing Elite and EVE, so what I wanna focus on are MMOs that could use some more love.

We’ll be doing this on the last Sunday of every month at 9 AM Pacific time, so hopefully multiple time zones can join in. This year we’ll be playing four classic games, as mentioned above, so each game will get three sessions. You can see the schedule on the forum and the calendar!

To get things rolling, here are the details for the first Meetup later this month:

As always, I’ll stream this on YouTube, Twitch and Beam, so I hope you can join us one way or another! Thanks so much for reading and visiting folks, and I hope to see y’all in-chat or in-game!

Update: Friends, for the 1/29 meetup, we’re gonna meet at Quantar Core and work on the Hyperial faction mission. You’ll need some equipment, of which I have extras, so hit me up on Discord if you have any questions. You might want to create a Quantar pilot for this if you can’t fly down to QC in time.


Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “Announcing Monthly MMO Meetups!

  1. long time since I have played Jumpgate.. I have this Sunday off so just might have to see if I can get in.. (can never remember passwords)

  2. Been trying to get JG to connect to take part. No luck. I’ll be watching if not flying.

      1. The typical failure screen when I try to connect. Firewall disabled, ports set as instructed, new rar file downloaded and used. No luck. I’ll keep trying.

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