Let’s Try Delta Quadrant – The Art of Running Away

Turn-Based Pew Pew!

Turn-Based Pew Pew!

It’s amazing what you’ll find in bundles sometimes. A little while back, Groupees ran their Build a Greenlight 23 bundle, and as a fan of their bundles, I immediately pre-ordered it before I even knew what was in it (I’m weak, sue me). Imagine my delight when one of the products in the bundle was a space game (love those) roguelike (love those!) turn-based (love those too) action adventure game! Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant is a game wherein you’re in command of a initially weak exploration ship that is helping your people find a new home world. Unfortunately, you find yourself in a hostile part of the galaxy, and have to maneuver, loot and fight your way through enemies, along with strategically running away quite a bit (which I have no problem with). The developers liken this game to Chess, and they’re not entirely wrong, so watch as I trundle through the game a bit, having a great time the whole way. Thanks for watching!

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