Let’s Play Stellaris – Entry 10 – You Always Have a Choice…

Sectors, huh?
Sectors, huh?

Welcome to this final entry in Stellaris, my friends. In this final entry, I grow my empire large enough to be forced to make an automated sector, which is a neat idea that I like a lot. Overall, this is not a bad 4X. Is it the best 4X ever? No, that honor still goes to Distant Worlds, in my mind. While this is pretty, competent, well-designed and fun, it lacks certain things that Distant Worlds has spoiled me on. That’s not to say Stellaris is a bad game, it’s not. It’s quite competent. It’s just not lighting my world on fire, nor does it do anything exceptionally well, I feel. At least in my time with it. You’ll still, I think, have a better time with Sword of the Stars 1 or Distant Worlds, in my humble opinion, but if you NEED to have it, I won’t tell you not to get it. I just don’t think you need to rush out and have this now now now, you know? Anyway, thanks for watching and I hope you’ve enjoyed my series.

Author: Brian Rubin

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