Star Crusader – Rut Roh… – Let’s Play Entry 2

Scan Faster Dammit!
Scan Faster Dammit!

Welcome back to Star Crusader my friends! In this entry, we have a variety of stuff happen! First, in a recon mission, I stealthily find the location of some refineries! Then, I lead a mission to take out said refineries in a glorious two against six battle. We’re victorious, as the Gorenes ALWAYS are victorious. However, shit goes wrong with the next mission. After destroying the escorts of an unarmed frigate (whuuuuuut?), my character Roman conveys peaceful intent to its captain, in the hopes of further peace negotiations. Sadly, a superior officer orders that same frigate destroyed, and boy is Roman (me) pissed, as he (I) should be. What the hell is happening around here?

Author: Brian Rubin

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