Star Crusader – Holy Cats – Let’s Play Entry 9

Too Close!

Welcome back to Star Crusader my friends! In this entry, one of the big moments in this game comes to pass as I’m asked to choose between the Gorene Empire and the Alien Alliance. The Gorenes mean to assassinate a bunch of alien leaders, and I can’t sit by while that happens, so I of course make the sensible choice and save the aliens, defecting from the Empire and joining the Alliance. What a crazy-ass ride, let me tell you. Once that’s done, I take on a mission to scout my old base, AR-1, which goes well until the VERY END, wherein I die as I’m trying to jump out. This makes me so angry and emotionally drained that I just stop for now, so join me next week as we continue the journey of Roman Alexandria, former Gorene commander turned Alliance freedom fighter.

Author: Brian Rubin

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