Star Citizen Hangar Tour

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5 Responses

  1. 3512058120935 says:

    for your new computer

  2. frptunz says:

    Wow thanks for the tour, Brian! Now I have to clean all that drool outta my chair :)

    Got my double digital pack but haven’t actually installed hangar myself cause a) Seen too much pre-alphas and know how they can ruin your feeling about a game and b) I’m one helluva lazy person :)

    Anyways, now I’m really looking forward to some co-op runs with ya and other space game junkies. And really hoping that playing on american server won’t be too laggy for such a game – it’s not a twitch shooter, but stll…

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Dude, have you at least tried to download it so you get 5,000 spacebucks added to your account?

      • frptunz says:


        I’l take those bucks from the dead frozen clutches of my enemies!
        or just random sector passerbys :)

        Right now I’m actually trying to get my RSI account working – I was in the fields for a month when they linked kickstarter accounts and since returned never felt the need to check on it until today :)

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